Annual Retreat


The NPI retreat will bring together faculty, students, postdocs, and industry partners for a one-day workshop with presentations, panel discussions, working groups, and informal discussion related to network programming.


We gratefull acknowledge support from our sponsors:

Comcast       VMware


The retreat will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018.


The retreat will be held in Room 327 of the Tata Innovation Center at the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island.


Please RSVP at Participation is by invitation only.


8:00am Registration and Breakfast
9:00am Welcome
Nate Foster (Cornell)
9:30am Keynote: End-to-End SDN Programming with Nerpa
Leonid Ryzhyk (VMWare Research)
10:00am Probabilistic Network Programming
Steffen Smolka (Cornell)
10:30am Coffee
11:00am Internet Video Quality Inference from Encrypted Network Traffic
Paul Schmitt (Princeton)
11:30am Panel Discussion: Network Programmability Use Cases
  • Vignesh Ramamurthy (Infosys)
  • David Stern (DISA)
  • Walter Willinger (NIKSUN)
12:00pm Student Lightning Talks
12:15pm Lunch
2:00pm Keynote: What Network Programming means to Provider Networks
Yiu Liu (Comcast)
2:30pm Datacenter Network Monitoring and Debugging: The Core or The Edge?
Rachit Agarwal (Cornell)
3:00pm Sonata: Query-driven streaming network telemetry
Arpit Gupta (Princeton/Columbia)
3:30pm Coffee
4:00pm Enabling programmable transport protocols in high-speed NICs
Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo (Princeton)
4:30pm Wrapup and Next Steps
Jennifer Rexford (Princeton)
5:00pm Reception