Annual Retreat
Fall 2019


The Network Programming Initiative (NPI) conducts annual Retreats to bring together faculty, students, postdocs, and industry partners for a one-day workshop with presentations, panels, and informal discussions related to network programming. Topics include practical use cases and solutions encompassing languages, algorithms and tools.

The Fall 2019 Retreat was held on Friday, October 11, 2019 in the Tata Innovation Center at the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island.

2019 NPI Retreat Larry Peterson Keynote

Larry Peterson (above) presents the keynote "Democratizing the Network Edge." Larry is CTO of the Open Networking Foundation and the Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus at Princeton University, where he served as Chair from 2003-2009. Professor Peterson is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the ACM and the IEEE, the 2010 recipient of the IEEE Kobayashi Computer and Communication Award, and the 2013 recipient of the ACM SIGCOMM Award.

Professor Nate Foster (below), Cornell and NPI Co-Director opens the Retreat with an update on NPI activities and introductions of new additions to the NPI faculty.

2019 NPI Retreat Nate Foster opening remarks


Joining NPI are the following four faculty:

Prof. Anirudh Sivaraman


Prof. Minlan Yu


Prof. Xin Jin

Johns Hopkins

Prof. Robert Soule


These join Co-Directors Nate Foster (Cornell) and Jen Rexford (Princeton) with several other talented faculty at Cornell and Princeton.

2019 NPI Retreat Nate Foster opening remarks

Above, NPI co-director Prof. Jen Rexford meets with invited guests from the telecom industry during the morning break. At far left in the photo is Akhil Gokul (Ericsson), and moving clockwise around the table, Larry Petersen (ONF), Ken Duell (AT&T), Raquel Morera (Verizon) and Jen Rexford.

Below, Retreat attendees chat during the Reception at the end of the day.

2019 NPI Retreat Nate Foster opening remarks

2019 NPI Fall Retreat Program

8:00am Registration and Breakfast
9:00am Welcome
Nate Foster (Cornell) and Jennifer Rexford (Princeton)
9:30am Keynote: Democratizing the Network Edge
Larry Peterson (Princeton / Open Networking Foundation)
5G Slides
10:30am Coffee
11:00am Telemetry and Monitoring
11:45am Lightning Talks I
  • Enabling Parametrized Description of Data-Plane Algorithms
    Mary Hogan (Princeton)
  • Composing Data Plane Programs with μP4
    Hardik Soni (Cornell)
  • Compact Control Flow Encoding in P4
    Suriya Kodeswaran (Princeton)
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Lightning Talks II
  • Type-Safe Data Plane Programming with SafeP4
    Eric Campbell (Cornell)
  • Adaptive Traffic Splitting using Programmable Dataplanes
    Praveen Tammana (Princeton)
  • DCACP: Data Center Admission Control Protocol
    Qizhe Cai (Cornell)
1:45pm Performance
  • Transport Design for High-Speed Datacenter Networks
    Rachit Agarwal (Cornell)
  • PicNIC: Predictable Virtualized NIC
    Praveen Kumar (Cornell)
  • Discussion
    Moderated by Anirudh Sivaraman (NYU)
2:45pm Data Plane Verification
3:30pm Coffee
4:00pm Short Talk
  • Fast, Scalable, and Programmable Packet Scheduler in Hardware
    Vishal Shrivastav (Cornell)
4:15pm Control Plane Verification
5:00pm Wrapup and Next Steps
Nate Foster (Cornell) and Jennifer Rexford (Princeton)
5:15pm Reception