Many members of the Network Programming Initiative are at SIGCOMM ’19 this week in Beijing, China. See below for some for some NPI highlights from the week!


Alumni Ryan Beckett (now at MSR) and Arpit Gupta (now faculty at UCSB) win SIGCOMM Dissertation Award and Runner-Up respectively.

PhD Student Praveen Kumar wins Best Student Paper Award for PicNIC.

Co-Director Jen Rexford serves on 50-year anniversary panel, NetAI workshop chair and gives keynote speech at Alibaba Workshop.

PicNIC: Predictable Virtualized NIC

Praveen Kumar (Cornell University), Nandita Dukkipati, Nathan Lewis, Yi Cui, Yaogong Wang, Chonggang Li, Valas Valancius, Jake Adriaens, Steve Gribble (Google), Nate Foster (Cornell University), Amin Vahdat (Google)

Fast, Scalable, and Programmable Packet Scheduler in Hardware

Vishal Shrivastav (Cornell University)

Elmo: Source Routed Multicast for Public Clouds

Muhammad Shahbaz (Stanford University), Lalith Suresh (VMware), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University), Nick Feamster (Princeton University), Ori Rottenstreich (Technion), Mukesh Hira (VMware)